Communication Procedures and Schedule Change Policy


In order to protect all eligible student-athletes from exploitation and coercion, the following principles should be adhered to: 
• We, all member districts, do not limit individual students’ opportunities to 
participate in other sports and athletic experiences. 
• We do not exert pressure on student athletes to participate in an athletic activity outside of any sport season (as defined by the Section). 
• We support and preserve the integrity of each interscholastic sports program by 
enforcing these principles. 
• We insure that the spirit and intent of this policy be understood and adhered to 
by all members of the Section. 
To that end, the following guidelines will be in force replacing the former ”Camp and Recreation Rule”: 
• Section VIII members will conduct programs which are recreational in nature as 
defined by this regulation. Intramurals, strength and conditioning programs, and 
recreation programs which are open to all students are permitted. 
• During any approved activity individual sport skills may be taught to students. 
• The same opportunity for instruction and personal improvement must be 
available to all students participating in the activity. 
• Team strategy and roster specific workouts limited to members of an 
athletic team are prohibited.
• Recreational activities must be open and publicized to all eligible bona fide 
• During the summer, Section VIII members may conduct leagues, camps, clinics,
and similar activities at their facilities. 
• Members shall observe the starting and ending dates of each sports season as 
set by the Section annually. 
It is also the spirit of this rule that we encourage, enable, and permit athletes to 
participate in more than one sport during the course of the year. Students should 
not be coerced to participate in other activities organized during a specified sports season to maintain good standing in an out of season sport. It is the responsibility of the local athletic administrator to regulate, monitor, and require compliance with the tenets of this rule for it to be effectively observed. 
All who are concerned with the proper conduct and with the intent and spirit of any 
interscholastic sport are obligated to report any violation or perceived violation to the Ethics Committee through the Executive Director’s office. All violations will be adjudicated by the Ethics Committee which could result in forfeiture of eligibility and/or sanctions of the students, teams, coaches, or schools involved. 
It is recommended that this policy and standard be made available to all students, 
parents, coaches and other school personnel concerned with the conduct of our 
interscholastic programs. 

Approved June 9, 2004 
Athletic Council
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